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Live Swimming Lessons series includes weekly exclusive live streams and unlimited access to all past and future live lessons with our Kid Whisper.
Kid Whisper Coach Q will teach sports themed digital physical education classes. 
We will develop your students athleticism though structured smart play.
Every child will have a sport that they are naturally suited and will have greater success.   We work with parents to develop overall age appropriate athleticism.  
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We Specialize in Semi-Private Classes $80 per month. 

10% discount for multiple students in the same class

Skill Progress

We are dedicated to help your student learn swimming skills ASAP and expect swimmer confidence & skill improvement in every class

Best Instructors

Our mission is to help your student learn to swim quickly & have fun along the journey 


All instructors are carefully trained & mentored 


Instructors are Lifeguard, WSI certified, or competitive swimming background and are kid whispers


We appreciate the opportunity to share our passion for swimming lessons and water safety!



If your student has had many lessons

and hasn't learned to swim don't give up we can help! 


If this will be your first swimming lessons experience you will not be disappointed we have some of the best swimming instructors in the country teaching at the Swimming Lessons Club USA! 

We only offer Privates and Semi Private classes

allowing our instructors to customize the lesson for each student 



We partner with our families to help parents practice swimming lesson skills

outside of lessons and adults to self teach. 

We are stroke technicians and help our students at any level swim faster and more efficiently.  We strive to see progress in each lesson and make swimming fun! 


World Class Customized Swimming Instruction

Swim Angelfish Special Needs programs 

US Masters Swimming Lessons and Adult Lessons


All ages / levels

6 months - Adults


$45 Registration Fee / $10 per each additional student


The tuition is based on the number of lessons for the month.  

We prorate for mid-month registrations, therefore, the tuition for the month will change as we progress through the month. 
1 Instructor to Max 2 Students - Semi Private Classes 

$20 per class paid for one month in advance.

Example:  3 classes $60 (due to holiday), 4 classes $80 (most months) , 5 classes $100   


$40 per class

Example:  3 classes $120 (due to holiday), 4 classes $160 (most months) , 5 classes $200



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Digital Swimming School Students learn how to teach swimming fundamentals and stroke mechanics, or teach themselves to swim.At-your-own-pace 4-hour online course where parents can learn how to teach the fundamentals of swimming to their children while also learning a few things themselves.
Kid Whisper Swimming Lesson Secrets

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Teach Yourself to Swim

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Advanced Secrets | Swimming Freestyle

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