Owner SLC USA & Kid Whisperer | Coach Brian Quinn is teaching all the swimming lessons to assure the most fun, safest, & productive swimming school in the world.  You don't have to be the biggest to be the best!

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COVID19 Swimming Lesson Structure Changes
  • One Semi-Private Class in Pool per Instructor
  • This reduction in class volume will create a relaxed & safe swimming lesson experience. 
  • Anyone that enters our building is required to have their temp taken.
  • Disinfecting all areas everyday as used.


SLC USA Swimming Lesson Experience Guidelines

1. Only only one parent or caregiver per student should come to lessons. You can request a Live Stream, just let me know and use this link - https://youtu.be/XB9TRBkE1fI
2. Please, wait in your car until your lesson time. We have 5 min built into the schedule between each class.
3. If the lobby looks full wait outside.
4. Everyone will have their temp scanned by a no touch thermometer; this is documented for the health department.
5. If anyone in your circle of association has COVID19 please, don't come to lessons and follow CDC guidelines.
6. Anyone is sick in your household, please don't come to lessons.
7. Please, don't allow your student to eat within an hour of lessons.
8. We want to avoid all accidents in the pool, even more now than before. Double Diaper required and make sure your student is unlikely to have an accident in the pool.
9. We will be cleaning all the areas used for sitting and changing, however, it's best that you come ready to swim and if possible just dry off and change at home.
10. We will be assuring the chlorine is on the high end of the recommended levels. Please, make sure to take a shower or bath at home.