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Penguins Play Smart

Athletic Personal Training


Group Personal Training
On Location at our Local Parks  
Kids Target Ages 3 - 5


Julington Creek Plantation Park

South JAX Beach Park Oceanfront Park 

Goal -  Teach sports specific skills and develop athleticism for kids though structured smart play.  Children learn well through play and resist forced activity. 

We customize our training to be fun for each student and develop an interest in sports.  We Will identify students strengths and guide parents on how to practice. 

We teach parents to design games to help their children develop their athletic potential.  

Each Month we will feature a specific sport theme.   

Sport Skills




Running Speed




Ball Throwing all sizes

Ball Catching all Sizes

Ball Dribbling 

Hand Eye Coordination

Eye Foot Coordination, 

Ball Handling & Tracking

Racket Skills

Stick Handling

Adult and Kids NASM Personal Training

Advanced Ocean Swimming & Surfing Courses by Request

Free E-Book Swimming & Sports Skill Secrets
Link: www.swimminglessonclubusa.com

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