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Swimming Lesson Club USA Indoor Heated Pool
Swimming Lesson Club USA Indoor Heated Endless Pool

The Swim Lesson Club indoor heated pool is located in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville. 

Our pool is heated 92 degrees and perfectly designed for teaching all ages of swimming instruction. 

We utilize endless swimming technology allowing us to easily correct technique and achieve excellent  swimming conditioning for our developing swimmers.  We offer videographer and stroke analysis that is very difficult to accomplish in a normal lap swimming pool.


We partner with Swim Angelfish and utilize a special methodology ideal for children with water anxiety, sensory sensitivity, autism, or in need of adapted swimming instruction.  We partner with US Masters Swimming to provide top notch swim coaching for our developing and advanced swimmers.  Our adult students benefit from our partnership with US Masters Swimming and the Emperor Penguin adult learn to swim program / self teaching method.   


Instructors are certified Lifeguards and often Red Cross WSI certified.  The Swim Lesson Club instructor mentoring process allows good instructors to become amazing working directly with the owner for weeks or months before they will teach classes independently.  Our instructors are the best and achieve consistent progress with their students.  We are not satisfied for our students to stagnate in lessons, our team will collaborate to adjust strategies for each student to achieve results in a fun way.  We specialize in private or semi-private classes to focus our attention on each student's unique learning process.

  The leading cause of death for children under 5 is most states is drowning.  Many adults across the US can't swim and the leading cause of death for autistic adults is drowning. We offer educational programs that help parents teach their own children and adults learn to self teach swimming.


Over the past 20 years the founder and Head Coach Brian Quinn has created swimming school programs for Yacht Clubs, Country Clubs, JCA, and Heartland Rehabilitation Centers. We are proud to find our home at Atlas Physical Therapy. 


Our Head Coaches passion was born when he was a Little Blue baby penguin.  He began competitive swimming at 5 years old with the club swim team Palomar Penguins!  His favorite memories from his childhood are associated with this experience.  The penguin theme for our swim school honors Brian's mother and reminds him of why we all teach swimming!

Traveling Swim School


We provide can provide high quality swim lessons in the comfort of your own back yard or community pool upon request.  Your student may learn to swim faster in a familiar environment with less distractions than a typical swim school facility can offer.  Your instructor will work with you to set a lesson schedule that will be convenient.  Swim lessons are customized to meet your students unique needs.  We focus on teaching the most important fundamentals that will allow your student to learn to swim.  Instructors have experience teaching swimming, background checked, insured, and amazing with children.  

When you sign up for the traveling swim school your assigned instructor will call you to confirm you lesson schedule.  Please, call for pricing and scheduling.

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I was so dissatisfied with a lack of results at other swim schools in my area, then my wife looked online and found SLC and thought we should try out a few lessons just to start. Little did I know they would get our 5 year old daughter ready for swim team workouts in 10 lessons! This is serious instruction with no wasted time. Highly pleased. We now have our four year old son using the same swim instructor from SLC and we love how convenient it is to get him ready to swim in our backyard pool.

Thank you for making swim lessons easy!

Richard Greene


Swim Lesson Club USA helped me teach my own children how to swim. Some of my friends have spent hundreds of dollars on swim lessons and their kids still can't swim. I thank you so much for our excellent instructor who had to teach two of my children at the same time (not an easy task). She came after school about three times a week. Both of my children learned to swim quickly and now are ready for those hot summer days by the pool. Ensuring the safety of my children around water is very important to me and now I am so happy to have the piece of mind that they may swim unassisted. Lessons were very affordable for my family and the best part is my children can finally swim. 

Many Thanks!


Hi SLC- just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for helping Campbell become a proficient swimmer. When I found you I was feeling hopeless that my 6 year old son would never learn to swim. Our family spends a lot of time at the beach and the pool and we have a lake in our backyard so I lived in fear that Campbell would drown if he didn't learn.  In the pool he would only hang out on the stairs and would freak out if his dad even held him in the water 4ft  deep.  We tried group swim lessons a couple of summers that went nowhere and even tried to get him private lessons with another very popular swim school in town. Even during the private lessons he would cry and cling to the instructor the entire time in fear.  When we found you online it was really our last hope and honestly I had doubts your lessons would take.  Somehow that very first lesson you were able to establish trust with Campbell and he opened up to your instruction. The transformation has been absolutely amazing to watch! When we started in May he didn't swim at all, now by October he is swimming laps in an Olympic size pool, knows multiple strokes and wants to join a swim team. He attended a few pool parties this summer where he was swimming circles around the other kids who have been swimming for many years more than him. It has been miraculous to watch the progress and we can't thank you enough for the patience, care, and technique that you have poured into his swimming. You really have a gift for this. I wish you all the success in your swim school as long as you save a spot for Campbell!Thank you,

Thank you,